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What is HCG?

HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the vital hormone that supports the normal growth of an egg in the ovary, and stimulates the discharge of the egg during ovulation in women.

HCG injections are used in the treatment of infertility to help ovulation in women and to augment sperm count in men. HCG also finds use in juvenile boys when their testicles fail to drop down into the scrotum naturally.

HCG injections are also widely used to help weight loss in both men and women. Though FDA has not yet approved its use for this purpose people are widely using hcg injections for weight loss for more than 50 years. Many dieters and physicians are also supporting the use of hcg diet with lesser amount of hcg hormone in it. One has to follow all the four phases of hcg diet program in order to get fruitful weight loss.

HCG can be given as an injection beneath the skin or into the muscle. It is not advisable to take self hcg injections at home and if you want to do so follow precisely the instructions given by your medical expert on how and where to take the hcg injections and also take care to dispose the used syringes and needles appropriately. Do not use it in larger quantities or for extended periods than suggested by your doctor. HCG is available as single-dose prefilled syringes or in powder form. In that case, you have to mix the powder with the liquid provided.

After the hcg injections if you feel any of these symptoms like pain, redness, blood clot, harsh headache, intense dizziness or numbness, immediately seek the medical support from your doctor.

Taking hcg injections have caused an ailment called OHSS - ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome - in some women that may become a grave condition thereafter. Immediate medical care is essential in this condition. Use of hcg injections may create premature puberty in some boys. HCG use has shown the increase of chances of multiple pregnancy that may become quite hazardous for both mother and baby. Another notable factor is that hcg injections can generate birth defects in the infant. So once you are pregnant, at once stop its use. 

While some people report a few side effects of hcg injections, some experience no problems at all. Some of the potential side effects of the hcg injections include menstrual irregularities, stomach and pelvic pain, acne, pain in ovary, nausea, breast tenderness, irritability, headache, and diarrhea.