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For an expense that we cannot postpone, it may be necessary to request a loan at the bank to have the necessary liquidity. For those working in the public administration you can request the example, which are specifically dedicated to this category of workers.

However, before signing a contract with one of the banks that offer these products, we know that it is useful to compare the best loans on the market. This is to make sure you make the right choice in terms of convenience and quality of the offer.

If we want to opt for a loan (which we remember is the National Social Security Institute for Employees of the Public Administration today absorbed) but we have to know what is in the smallest details.

The loan is a simple subsidized loan for employees, pensioners and their families


We can find them within the offers of various banks and financial institutions, or directly from the through its Credit Fund . To get it we just have to go to one of the offices in our area and apply for the modules. Then there will be evaluated and if the response is positive we can have our money.

We remind you that for these types of Albertines there are different categories: the small ones, the direct multi-year ones, and the long-term ones guaranteed. Obviously it will depend on us and our needs to choose the best and the one that comes closest to our needs.

Let’s try then to make a comparison to request a loan of 30 thousand euros for an applicant who needs liquidity that he will repay in 36 months. According to the Super Money comparator, here are the cheapest on the market now.

In first place is : the monthly payment to be paid is 949.5 euros determined by a 4.70% Tan and a 9.50% Taeg. At the end of the contract we will then have to return a total of 34,182 euros to the bank.

In second place was instead with Personal Loan

Personal Loan

In this case the monthly payment is 982.7 euros with Tan at 11.04% and Taeg at 12.65%.

Finally we have a Large Easy Loan: monthly payment of 669.3 euros with Tan at 11.99% and Taeg at 13.09%. After 36 months the bank will have 36,114 euros.

How to buy new furniture with a personal loan http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/how-to-buy-new-furniture-with-a-personal-loan/ Sun, 05 May 2019 07:47:17 +0000 http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/how-to-buy-new-furniture-with-a-personal-loan/

With the economic crisis that persists, buying a new home is increasingly difficult and Italian families, as an alternative, are thinking of renovating and upgrading their homes. With the eco-bonus , in fact, it is possible to recover part of the sustained expense, even that invested in the purchase of furniture . To furnish your home you can apply for a loan from one of the various financial institutions, but how to find the cheapest offers?

To choose among the best financing proposals

financing proposals

For the purchase of furniture or for other purposes, the best thing to do is to get information on the web and use the Duke of Omnium online comparators. If we want to orient ourselves among the products on the market and understand which are the most convenient, in fact, we must compare the offers and other financial institutions.

With the help of the Duke of Omnium comparator, we have made a comparison to find the best offers to buy furniture. The search profile used is that of a pensioner, residing in Rome, which requires 10,000 euros to be repaid in 6 years. The most advantageous proposals for a loan are those of IBL Banca, Findomestic and Credem. Let’s look at them in detail.

IBL Banca proposes the personal loan an offer with Taeg of 9.54%, Tan of 4.70% and a monthly payment of 178.6 euros. At the end of the amortization period, the total amount to be repaid will be 12,859 euros.

In second place in the ranking of the best Duke of Omnium is with an offer with 9.11% Taeg, 8.75% Tan for an installment of 179.1 euros. The final amount to be reimbursed will be 12,895 euros.

Finally, in third place, we mention a proposal that to buy new furniture offers the “Personal Loan Start Real”.

This is a loan with 12.99%, 11.90% for a fixed installment of 195 euros


At the end of the contract the sum of 14,165 euros will be returned.

With the eco bonuses renewed in 2014, as mentioned, it is possible to recover up to 50% of the expenditure made, but as far as furniture is concerned it is necessary that the purchase is made for a home redeveloped with measures in favor of energy saving.

The personal loan is more convenient is found with the online comparison http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/the-personal-loan-is-more-convenient-is-found-with-the-online-comparison/ Sat, 13 Apr 2019 07:30:08 +0000 http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/the-personal-loan-is-more-convenient-is-found-with-the-online-comparison/

To start a business or make a dream come true you can request a personal loan. To find the most convenient interest rates, however, the advice is to compare loan offers thanks to online comparators. The comparison portals, in fact, allow you to compare the proposals of the various banks to choose the product that best suits your needs.

With the help of the comparator, we carried out the search for a personal loan that would respond to the request of a young man from Rome who needs 30 thousand euros to get liquidity and start a business project. The best offers.

Our client has chosen a repayment plan in 4 years without credit protection insurance

credit loan

A personal loan with Taeg of 12.57% and Tan of 11.04% for a monthly payment of 775.9 euros. At the end of the loan, our client will have to return the amount of 37,898 euros to the bank.

As anticipated, ranks second among the best offers to obtain a personal loan

personal loan

The loan is called Large and has a 13.03% Taeg, an 11.99% Tan and a monthly installment of 789.9 euros. Once the repayment period is over, 38,186 euros must be returned to the bank.

The bank, on the other hand, ranks third in the cheapest offers with an installment of 788.5 euros. The Taeg, in this case, is 13.17%, while the Tan is 11.90%. At the end of the loan, the total amount of 38,223 euros must be returned to the bank.

As can be seen from this comparison taken into consideration, it is not said that the lowest loan corresponds to the lowest rate. It depends, in fact, on the contractual conditions

Which represents the annual percentage rate, or the true cost of the loan


Is it an important term of comparison for the Lady Honoria Dedlock personal because within it are also calculated the various costs of preliminary investigation and management of the loan.

Consolidation of Loans and Payday Loans Online – is it possible? http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/consolidation-of-loans-and-payday-loans-online-is-it-possible/ http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/consolidation-of-loans-and-payday-loans-online-is-it-possible/#respond Mon, 01 Apr 2019 04:41:24 +0000 http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/consolidation-of-loans-and-payday-loans-online-is-it-possible/

Timers are very convenient loans, but when it comes to repaying, it can be difficult, especially when the client has several loan commitments with different repayment dates. It turns out that this is an increasingly common problem for indebted people. There is nothing surprising in this, since the debtor does not pay the obligation on time. Installment is chasing the installment, the problem is chasing the problem and the situation is constantly serious. In this situation, customers begin to consider consolidating the loan. Is it profitable?

What is payday consolidation?

konsolidacja chwilówek

Debt consolidation is considered to be debt for an amount that is formed by the total of all previously taken loans. After consolidating the debt, its repayment begins again, although on better terms than before. The new online loan differs from the previous mainly by the repayment date – there is one instead of several. This allows the borrower to avoid problems with repayment of the installments he had when he had to repay several loans at once.

How many breaks can be consolidated?

Consolidation of payday loans can not last forever. Much depends on how much the amount has been paid to the client and what his financial situation looks like, whether it is very difficult or not very good.

When, after analyzing the situation, it turns out that the new loan in the amount of PLN 10,000 is sufficient to pay off the previous short-term payments, then there is no reason for the borrower not to decide on such a solution. However, if the current financial obligations are much larger and the new amount will not be able to cover them, then it makes no sense to borrow once again, but has new conditions. It will not bring improvement.

Does consolidation of loans make sense?

Does consolidation of loans make sense?

Consolidating payday loans into one can be profitable and beneficial, but not in every situation. There are times when it takes only two years to pay all the commitments.

Very many clients, thanks to consolidation, improved their financial situation and out of debt. However, it is necessary to remember that much depends on the conditions that are associated with the new shortcut. When it is granted on very favorable terms, and repayment of subsequent installments does not lead to complications of an already existing situation, then it is worth to decide to dissolve debt in such a way.

However, there are expensive loans that make re-indebtedness make the borrower’s situation more complicated instead of improving. Therefore, before making a decision, it is necessary to think about your situation and your financial situation.

Consolidation can bring benefits, but this does not apply to all situations. The most important thing is always remembering, when taking the time out, that the debt incurred must be paid back. Otherwise, we will have a negative history at Retrodatabase. Although the new loan – consolidated – may support the repayment process, improving its terms. Of course, only if you choose a good, safe offer.

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Credit card for university students: Why should you request one? http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/credit-card-for-university-students-why-should-you-request-one/ http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/credit-card-for-university-students-why-should-you-request-one/#respond Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:06:11 +0000 http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/credit-card-for-university-students-why-should-you-request-one/

A credit card for college students is convenient to learn how to finance yourself. Start enjoying the advantages that these cards can offer you.

  • Free eBook
  • Benefits of having a credit card for college students
    • You can start your credit history
    • You learn to manage your expenses
    • Online purchases
    • Discounts on almost all purchases you make
  • How can I apply for a credit card for college students?
  • The best credit cards for college students in Mexico
    • B Smart U from Banamex:
    • Santander Zero Card:
    • Afinan UNAM credit card from Bancomer:
  • Learning
  • Request your Credit Card and get an answer online!

A credit card for college students is convenient to learn how to finance yourself. Start enjoying the advantages that these cards can offer you.

The credit card for university students is usually helpful to finance important expenses of the educational field such as tuition, study materials, books and transportation. You can also present needs to liquidate trips, outings with friends and even, the first independent home. Due to the needs that are acquired throughout this stage, it is important to find a financing that helps cover the expenses that arise.

If you are a university student, I suggest you continue reading and find out about the types of credit cards that exist and what their benefits are.

Benefits of having a credit card for college students


Making use of a credit card for college students brings both benefits and responsibilities for young people. It is important that from an early age we learn the importance of financial education and the creation of a credit history that can support us in the future.

Next we will mention the most relevant benefits of having a credit card for university students:

You can start your credit history

Starting a credit history is very important for your financial future. Later it will be easier to get a loan that helps you make purchases like: a car or a house.

Take into account that you must be responsible with your credit card for university students, otherwise you will not be able to generate an exemplary credit history that supports you in your adult life.

You learn to manage your expenses

Having a credit card for college students will help you learn how to manage your expenses and know what it is worth to spend your money.

Having this benefit requires responsibility, since you must comply with the payments in a timely manner. Learn to use your plastic money consciously so you can take advantage of the advantages of having a credit card.

Online purchases

Online shopping has become the favorite activity of the youngest, for the ease of acquiring products and services through social networks or websites.

With a credit card for college students you can access any purchase through this means safely. Even make use of different discounts that are offered.

Discounts on almost all purchases you make

Among the advantages of buying with your credit card for college students are the different discounts at the establishments of your preference. Just for having your plastic you will have the right to enjoy promotions in stores that are related to the banking institution of your credit card.

credit-cards for university students

How can I apply for a credit card for college students?

How can I apply for a credit card for college students?

Request a credit card for college students is very simple. The objective is that young people have access to this benefit without any inconvenience and then we tell you what steps you should follow:

  1. First you must notify the bank of your preference that you want to request a credit card for university students, you will need to verify that you are studying with a voucher or academic record.
  2. You can request it online or at the branch of your choice. Besides that you will not have to check income , the questions and papers requested will be few.
  3. Credit cards for university students do not have a commission for opening or annuity. In this way it will be easier to learn how to finance yourself with this type of plastic.
  4. Finally, check the benefits offered by your credit card, sometimes already have discounts in different food establishments, cinemas or entertainment.

The best credit cards for college students in Mexico

There is a wide variety of credit cards for college students, but not all are as effective as they seem. For the same, we will mention the best ones to learn how to finance you:

B Smart U from Banamex:

The Banamex credit card specialized in meeting the expectations of students is B Smart U. With this type of card you can have benefits in different establishments or services that are frequent and you will have rewards for its use.

The advantages of selecting B Smart U are:

  • There is no penalty for lack of use
  • There are rewards for the accumulation of points
  • Discounts and promotions in establishments that you frequent
  • No fee for the first year of use


  • Be a university student between 19 and 25 years old
  • Proof of studies
  • Proof of address
  • Current official identification

Santander Zero Card:

Santander Zero Card:

This credit card is exclusively for university students and is accepted in almost all establishments. You can also earn points to redeem them for airline tickets or catalog items.

The advantages of the Zero Card are:

  • You do not need to check income
  • There is no annuity only if you use it once a month
  • There is a one point accumulation for every $ 10 pesos of purchases
  • Promotions and discounts in more than 14 million establishments
  • Online attention


  • Be a university student between 18 and 30 years old
  • Proof of studies
  • Current ID
  • Proof of address not greater than three months


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What Can You Not Conceal From Your Loan? http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/what-can-you-not-conceal-from-your-loan/ http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/what-can-you-not-conceal-from-your-loan/#respond Sun, 10 Mar 2019 15:51:02 +0000 http://www.hcgshotsdiscount.com/what-can-you-not-conceal-from-your-loan/



What can you not conceal from your loan?

Do you know what every credit product ad should contain? Do you know the mandatory information that the loan provider (or his financial agent) must provide to you before the loan agreement is concluded? We will summarize everything in the following lines.

Your ad must include a model loan example

The law stipulates that any advertising for consumer credit must state precisely, in a compulsory way, the mandatory information that is used to make a clear idea of ​​what credit it is and whether it will be beneficial to you or not.

This data must be presented in a promotional material (whether it is a paper booklet or an advertising banner on the internet) in a representative example, from which you will clearly see how much a particular loan would cost you for a certain amount, interest and maturity.

For example, advertising for one of Home Credit’s loans provides such textual information with a model example:

“For a loan of € 2,400, repayment of € 49, interest of 16.85%, maturity of 84 months, APR 18.4% and total amount payable to consumers € 4,116.”

home credit

What, in fact, does advertising or any consumer credit offer have to contain by law?

  • Interest rate (fixed, variable, or both = depends on the type of loan).
  • Details of all fees associated with the loan (including their amount).
  • Total loan amount (so-called principal = amount of money lending).
  • Annual percentage rate of cost (= we recommend reading this article on RPMN ).
  • Loan maturity.
  • In the case of installment sales, the selling price of the goods and the amount of the advance must be stated.
  • The total amount you have to pay and the amount and number of installments.
  • If a loan is provided with a mandatory supplementary service (eg repayment insurance ), this must be clearly stated in the ad.

These mandatory data only relate to a loan loan, which includes at least one numerical value associated with it. Creditors most often attract low interest rates (eg ‘only 14% pa’). By yourself, the interest rate figure would not tell you much about its convenience or disadvantage for you. Therefore, in your interest, the law has determined that if a provider is attracting you for low interest on a particular loan, he must also include a precise calculation on a model example that includes all borrowing fees.

However, if it is only a general advertising of “our loans are the best on the market for the long term” and the provider does not promote a specific credit product in it, it is not necessary to mention the above mentioned data. In the vast majority of cases, however, providers always advertise specific loans, so it is a good idea to know that if something from the mandatory list is concealed, they violate the law.

What information must be provided to you before the loan agreement is concluded?

The loan provider or his agent (ie the merchant who represents him) must provide you with all relevant information before you can conclude a loan agreement to help you decide whether or not the credit terms and conditions are acceptable to you.

urokova sazdba

In particular, you should learn the following:

  • what kind of loan is it (purpose, purpose, short-term, long-term, leasing, hire-purchase…)
  • the total amount of the loan and the conditions for its use
  • loan term and loan maturity date
  • information about the goods and its price if it is a hire purchase
  • on the interest rate of the loan (where interest changes during the term of the loan agreement, this information may not be concealed)
  • the total amount you have to pay for the loan (= so you can see how much you will overpay)
  • the annual percentage rate of charge (= must be given in the form of a sample to see how it was calculated and what all the fees except interest are included in it)
  • the amount, number and terms of repayment of the loan
  • the amount of any fees for the conclusion of the contract (eg notarial fees) or for maintaining a credit account
  • the obligation to take out the loan repayment insurance
  • the amount of penalty interest that the creditor may charge you if you are late with the installments
  • credit security (eg if you have a guarantor or you have set up your property)
  • about the consequences of defaulting the loan (= the creditor has the right to recover your debt from you and you can get to the bailiff’s hands )
  • on the right of withdrawal from the loan agreement
  • about the right to repay the loan before maturity and the amount of the fee that the creditor will charge for it

In paper form or on another durable medium (eg on a CD), you should receive a filled-in so-called “credit card” from the creditor before the loan agreement is concluded. standard European consumer credit information. If the creditor is unable to provide you (for example, because you are making a distance loan contract) in such a form, you have to get it in that form immediately after the conclusion of the contract.

TIP: If you are looking for a suitable loan that is tailored to your circumstances, try using the services of financial experts who will take over your current financial situation with you and offer you the right solution. Just fill out an online loan application and an agent of one of the non-bank companies we work with will call you by phone. Only you decide on the amount of borrowed amount, maturity, and thus the loan price. If the conditions of the offered loan do not suit you, you can refuse and wait for a better offer. In case of successful conclusion of the loan agreement, the financial injection of up to EUR 5000 in your account may be the next business day.

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